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A security certificate is a small data file that allows web browsers to verify that the server it is communicating with, has been checked and signed by the issuer of the security certificate on which it relies.

NetFree users need to install a security certificate so that NetFree can filter the secure sites, see here for more details.

Without installing the security certificate, the sites will still be filtered, but the computer will refuse to enter them because it does not trust the signature of the site that changed after filtering.

Note: If you have installed the security certificate and Auto troubleshooter did not find any problem, but there is still an error with the Security certificate see possible problems with installing a certificate and their solutions.


Standard certificate installer for Windows

Installation on different operating systems:

Installation in various software:




Backup and Sync

Android emulators

Trading software

Travel agent software


Installation on mobile devices:

Installation on various devices:

Installation of certificate in printers

Installation of certificate in security equipment

Advanced installation for developers:


Text editors

Development environments



Java (And Java-based software)



Uninstalling Security certificate:

Uninstalling security certificate in windows operating system