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'Zoom' opens in NetFree with limitations as listed below:

Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts are opened without the need to send an request (except for broadcasts with unique links of the workplace, etc., which sometimes have to be sent for review in order they should receive the definition of zoom).


As long as the link of the broadcast has not been made public, but has been received by email or privately, it is open. But a link that is published to the public and distributed on the internet, requires examination of each broadcast separately. The link shuld be sent for review with a point. When the broadcast has been reviewed by NetFree and is found to be suitable, it is open to all users.

(If you come across a broadcast that does not comply with NetFree's rules, you can click on the red button that appears (at the opening of the broadcast) in the bottom right corner, or email the link to: share-file@report.netfree.link and the broadcast will be blocked automatically).

(There are Replays with a unique link in a particular structure that are completely blocked).