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The WiFree App is a tool from NetFree, that blocks access to internet that isn't filtered by NetFree to prevent access to unfiltered internet, The WiFree App scans the devices connection to the internet, it blocks the internet if it detects that it isn't filtered by NetFree. This app is designed for Android tablets - not smartphones.

This is an android app.

Basic requirements:

  • Android 7 or higher.
  • Not rooted.
  • Only tablets.
  • Before buying, ask NetFree through the Support System whether the model is suitable.

Pay attention: The installation is permanent, NetFree does not provide a uninstall tool. Additionally, trying to remove it on your own is likely to permanently damage the device in certain cases. NetFree will not be held responsible for any damage caused by using this app.

App features:

  • The app monitors the network and if it detects that the device is connected to a network that is not filtered by NetFree, the internet will be blocked.
  • "NetFree App store" is limited to apps that were reviewed and approved by NetFree.
  • The app places a "NetFree protected device" seal on the screen.
  • Partial solution to the problem of browsing with existing apps on Android 7 and above.


  • Blocks installation of any app not in the NetFree store.
  • Blocks possibility of resetting the device.
  • Blocks developer options.
  • Blocks VPN settings.
  • Blocks the option to have multiple users on the device.
  • It is not possible to connect to a Google account through the application / browser, but only through external applications (not Google's) such as Outlook

Requirements for adding apps to the store:

  • Not every app will be able to be added to the store because of Kashrus/Technical considerations.
  • You can report to us an app's available updates without a point

To download the NetFree app click here.

To see a video installation guide click here. (On Samsung devices the setup is the simpler without the need for any guide).