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A brief synopsis of the NetFree functions to enable new users to familiarize themselves with the system:


There are two ways to subscribe to NetFree,

  • ISP

Through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who will provide an internet connection that is filtered at the source. This option is currently available in Eretz Yisroel only.

The monthly payment for the internet connection will then be divided into two components:

  1. Payment to the ISP for the browsing package.
  2. Payment to NetFree for the filtering service: 15₪ per month

The internet connection is provided by an independent provider, and the filtering service is provided by NetFree by using a VPN connection which incurs a monthly payment of 20₪ or 30₪ depending on the server that is being used. The payment will have to be set up directly with NetFree here and is generally taken from a Credit or Debit card. If you are unable to provide a payment card there is an option to pay by bank transfer, the minimum amount for a single transfer is 90 ₪, for more details click on "If you cannot set up credit card payment, click here to set up bank transfer " on the billing information page in your account.

For more details see here.

The Filter

Image Filtering As each web page is opened, all images on the page are automatically sent to be reviewed by a team in the Far East and are only displayed on the page once they have been approved. For more details see here.

Site Filter The websites are filtered on a whitelist basis, this means that only sites that have been manually checked and found to comply to the NetFree criteria will be accessible, and will still be subject to real time content filtering which will remove any questionable content from within the page. In the event that a site has been found to be inappropriate a block page will be displayed with the message We've reviewed this site but unfortunately, it contains improper content. In the event that you receive a message This site has not yet been reviewed. then you can request to have it checked through the support system.

Please note that sometimes the block may be due to the customer's personal settings, or their community-specific restrictions, in which case the message Closed in accordance with the category list in your account settings. will appear.

Video Clips

Any Video clips will only be allowed by individual request which will reduce points from the customer's account, all requested clips will be carefully checked for inappropriate content prior to approval. Only videos hosted by Hidabroot, Vimeo, or YouTube can be requested, this includes videos from the above sources which are embedded in other approved sites. For more details see here

File Sharing

Files that have been shared with the public on file-sharing sites i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, etc. are automatically blocked by NetFree, these sites can only be used to share on a one-to-one basis. For more details see here.


Each user receives 16 credit points each month, unused points do not roll over to the next month. Some requests can only be made with points:

  • Checking a new website/video clip
  • Making changes in a user's personal filtering settings

Please note, that any other requests do not require the use of points.

Points can also be used to give a request higher priority, i.e. support staff will attend to requests made with 3 points with top priority, followed by requests with 2 points, 1 point, and no points respectively. It is therefore recommended to send Urgent requests using 3 points.

For further details see here.

Personal Settings Page

On the 'Personal settings page' https://netfree.link/user#/user/info , users can amend their personal details, make changes to their payment method and see the breakdown of their payments, adjust the Personal Filter Settings to suit their needs, and contact the support team via the 'Support System'.

Support System

The Support System is the preferred channel to communicate with the NetFree support and service team. Access to the Support System is either via the personal settings page or through the Quick help panel which appears on the right-hand side of each web page. For details see here.

Problems and Solutions

In the event of any problems that prevent browsing fully or partially, or affect the use of any programs, try the following steps:

  1. Run the 'Auto Troubleshooter', by typing 414.co.il in your browser.
  2. Check the page Bugs and their solutions to see if there is a solution for your specific problem.
  3. Send a request via the Support System including a link to the traffic recording, for details see Troubleshooting.