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Referral display with link to Support System on YouTube & Vimeo sites

A video can be sent for review from most sites (if the Video file is a static file) 1, by sending to the reference to NetFree's Support System with a link to the page on which the video appears.

A video that has been reviewed and found O.K will be opened to all users.

Videos stored in YouTube, Vimeo or wistia that has not yet been reviewed will have a button "שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה" (submit video for review), clicking on the button will direct you to Support Team to send the video for review, after sending the video for review, the video is checked by NetFree.

If the video does not comply with the rules of Netfree, it will no longer have the Send Video for Review button and only a Netfree icon will be displayed. Also, if you have set your Personal Filter Settings to close the Video tag, this button will not appear on any video.

There is a site named 'Video Tov' (its a private initiative site which was setup by NetFree users) where you can search videos (from YouTube and Vimeo) already opened by NetFree, the address is

See also Using the YouTube site with NetFree, & Using the Vimeo site with NetFree, & Using the Wistia site with NetFree.

Display of video that has been reviewed and blocked

In addition, in this page you have a list of open YouTube channels in NetFree.

1 EX: Hidabroot & Kol Chai.