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Please note, WiFree Software which blocks the network when not connected to VPN is not supported On the MacBook operating system. (on the Voting page You can vote for such software development for MacBook).

For OSX Pre 10.12 (El Capitan and below):

You can connect using a PPTP connection according to the instructions here:


From Version 10.12 and onward (Sierra and higher):

The option to connect via PPTP has been removed so you can only connect via OpenVpn connection.

  1. Download Tunnelblick from Home page of program or direct link.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Download the configuration files for the OpenVpn connection from here
  4. In the file "userpass.key" change the word "user" with your username (the first part of the connection ID), and the word "pass" with your password (the second part of the connection Id - after the colon), the userpass.key file is a simple text file and can be opened using a text editor, such as TextEdit and other text editors. (The file is set to the Israeli server, it can be edited using a text editor).
  5. Install the connection by double-clicking on the configuration file.
  6. Go to the Tunnelblick icon which is on the top right, in the menu bar.
  7. Click on it, and choose "connect nfaw".
  8. Open a browser, try to surf, and follow the wizard.

It is also possible to configure automatic connection with computer startup

Link to tutorial video

Please note, WiFree Software which blocks the network when not connected to a VPN is not supported on Mac computers.

See here for partial solution and here