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Setting up VPN on a router enables you to filter all the devices connected to the router while only paying for one VPN connection


There are two main ways to configure your router to use VPN (into which you will use the VPN credentials acquired from NetFree).

Method 1 - VPN client

This is the better option because there is less chance for complications. Many routers can be configured as a VPN client (client = the device connecting to the VPN server) There are several VPN configurations that can be used. The following are those supported by NetFree:


These configurations are generally more efficient and have minimal effect on speed. To use them you will need to use your VPN credentials and either the server URL (address) or IP address. See also the general settings: VPN setup on various devices


Open VPN can be easier because the configuration is all found in a configuration file which is then uploaded to the system. This option may have slightly larger effect on speed then the L2TP or PPTP options
The configuration files can be downloaded from the manual VPN tutorial page.

Method 2 - WAN Connection Type

Not every router has VPN client capability but almost every router has L2TP and PPTP WAN connection types. These can be used just like the VPN client.
Important Note: If the router is the main router and is directly connected to the provider then the WAN connection settings may be in use to connect the internet and then they cannot be used for the VPN. If this is the case then you can add a second layer router after the main router and place the filter on that one and route the devices there.

Devices connected to the filtered router

Devices that are connected to the router will need to install NetFree's security certificate in order to ensure that secure websites work.

Additionally: These devices are not completely protected unless they have WiFree installed

Choosing a router

A router is an essential part of your network and you need to make sure it fits your needs.
Although there are routers that can be used with NetFree VPN for as cheap as 20 USD (and they'll work just fine for regular home use) that is not always the best one for your network. Therefore NetFree cannot recommend any specific router or offer specific guidance on how you should configure your network.
You may be able to get more assistance from other NetFree users on the NetFree forum.

Tutorials for individual routers

This is not a recommendation for any router