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YouTube content is opened in a very careful manner by NetFree.

Any video that has not yet been reviewed, has a "שלח את הוידיאו לבדיקה" (submit video for review) button. By clicking the button, you will be taken to the NetFree's Support System to send the video for review, if in your Personal Filter Settings you have chosen to block the 'Video' category, the button will not appear on any video.

pay attention! If you have not set up that videos should be blocked and the "Submit for review" button still does not appear regularly, this may be a problem caused by YouTube's settings, in this case you can try logging in once to the following link: and then try again the link of the video.

NetFree's employees check the video and if it is clean they open it to all NetFree users. If the video does not meet the required criteria, it will no longer show the "שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה" button and only a NetFree icon will be displayed.

If the system detects that the video cannot be opened (the video has been removed / does not exist, a page of a channel, a playlist, search results, etc. - any page whose content is not an available video display page), the custom blocking page appears without the option "שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה".

Opening complete channels

Channel owners may request to open their entire channel, subject to conditions, See here for more details.

This page contains a list of open channels in NetFree.

Note, that even in open channels, it is not possible to play playlists.

Searching videos

The "video-tov" site coordinates all YouTube videos that are open in NetFree.

You can search for videos on YouTube using this search query on Google: Search word, or just type "YouTube" after the search word.

After the above search query, you can click the image search button, it displays the same results and can also see the video image.

You can search this way conveniently by clicking here

Downloading videos

Approved videos can be downloaded at the following options:

  1. Through the software youtube-dl-gui. Click for instructions.
  2. Using this website which also allows MP3 format.
  3. Using the "video-tov" downloading tool at
  4. Using this Browser Bookmark.
  5. Through this software
  6. Or via this software
Upload to YouTube

In order to upload videos to YouTube, you need to enter this link

Editing videos is possible through or through

For live broadcast via YouTube see expanded article Live broadcast via YouTube.