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We want to block all sites, open the necessary tags, but some software stops working, what can we do?
We can use web traffic recording tools:
Go to this address we will record as directed.

We can then see a blocking reason for each address in a special column recording and act accordingly.


  1. Because the recording is usually full of unrelated traffic, common sense should be used to figure out the relevant addresses and of course it is recommended that you do not have irrelevant Internet traffic in the background.
  2. In cases of recording with lots of records, the easiest way is to filter the list negatively, go through the recording and use the filtering tool כלי סינון.png built into the recording (הסתר שורות מ…), by removing all the unrelated traffic lines, for example, if there is a problem with the New York City (NYC) website, the chances that an address related to HP (a printer company) is related to a minor to nil matter (although there may always be surprises .. But in the initial stage we will exclude such addresses), so we will hide the all lines of hp, also hide lines concerning, this too has nothing to do with the problem, hide lines until you reach a limited number of addresses. This will make it easier for us to identify the addresses Relevance to the problem. Over the time, you can easily identify addresses that usually appear in any recording that are not related to the issue and can be filtered out quickly. Or if it is an RDP connection, we will write RDP in the search bar and we will directly reach the relevant addresses (if there is no RDP-related traffic, that is, either the recording was not performed properly or the RDP is an internal address that does not go through the filter at all, so the problem has nothing to do with filtering. In case of a VPN connection it is possible to perform routing to solve the problem. In case of connection from RL network to RL network, sometimes it will also not pass through the filter and will not be seenin the recording, in this case you should contact RL).
  3. In case of a site problem (Excluding a problem with the software) 99.9% blocking will not be associated with any IP port listed in the recording with this format http://i.*.*.*.*.p.*.ip-port.tcp.protocol.netfree only in very rare occasions like port 1935 (rtmp) which is used for live streaming via flash, or accessing cameras through the browser that works with plugins.
  4. In the event of a malfunction of any software or application there may be security issues caused because the software does not trusting NetFree's securaty certificate, you can diagnose it when you see that the site (which is of course relevant) is trying to access tls-sni, and can't get to https (by 'הצג גם שורות ללא חסימה'). In this case, make sure that the Security Certificate is installed properly.
  5. If there is any doubt as to whether the recording was done properly (if the recording was started when the site was closed), you can easily check via "הצג גם שורות ללא חסימה", and enter in the search bar the site's domain address and see if the address appears in the recording. The same goes on for rdp, search in the rdp search bar, etc.
  6. Microsoft download addresses are blocked by Sim Kosher Partner & RL, so in case of a problem with Microsoft server downloads and you don't see it in the recording you should contact the provider.
  7. Sometimes recording will show errors that are not related to NetFree, even in this case a red exclamation mark is marked in the relevant row, when you go into details you will see the reasonof the error

clientError:Error: read ECONNRESET

error::sourceRequest::Error: socket hang up

In this case, you can try to disable the antivirus, If this does not help, record and check for other blockages on the site / service that may cause to disconnect the connection from the server to be disconnected. If it is on the site, check if the site is working properly in incognito window if it does work you must delete Cache and cookie files.