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The following is a list of potentially useful Internet services blocked by NetFree:

  • Most of these services are blocked because they do not meet the NetFree criteria (see here NetFree's policy), these are still mentioned here so that those who are accustomed to using a particular service will know what they might be missing in NetFree.
  • Often, blocked services will have a supported substitute (mentioned below).
  • Some services are blocked due to technical difficulties filtering them and maybe opened sometime in the future. See the Voting page for details.

Synchronization, backup, management and sharing files and media

For supported alternatives and more information see Sharing and transferring files in NetFree.

Synchronization, backup, management and sharing files and media

https://onedrive.live.com OneDrive  OneDrive - OneDrive sync app works partially after fixing a security issue following the instructions here. The OneDrive website is blocked.

Google Photos.png  Google Photos - You can not download and view and manage your files through the site, you can upload files for backup purposes. See Google Photos in NetFree.

60259.png  Google Drive for desktop - after running this command it works.

Soundcloud.png   SoundCloud - Service is completely blocked.

Mega-icon.png   Mega - Service is completely blocked.

Icloud drive icon.png   iCloud - Works mostly. Below is an extended section on Apple services.

Box.png   Box - Service is completely blocked.

Instant messaging (chat) and video calls


WhatsApp.png   WhatsApp - Service is completely blocked.

Telegram.png   Telegram - Service is completely blocked.

Zoom-1logo.png   Zoom on iOS - App doesn't work due to a security issue

Facebook Messenger.png   Facebook Messenger - Service is completely blocked.

Flower ICQ.png   ICQ - Service is completely blocked.

Signal-Logo.png   Signal - Service is completely blocked

Supported substitutes

Hangouts logo.png   Google Hangouts Images are filtered and text is filtered by the robotic filter, option to join groups via a link is blocked.

Skype.png   Skype - File download is blocked when using the software, using Skype in the browser allows file downloads. See here for more details.

Microsoft Teams.png   Microsoft Teams

ממוזער zoom Open with limitations see here

Slack.png   Slack

App Stores

Microsoft Store - The service is partially open - applications are open, games, etc. are blocked.

Google Play - Service is completely blocked, (Try downloading it from this site [1]), or search on Google for a direct download in this way https://www.google.com/search?q=*****+APK when the name of the desired app is inserted instead of the asterisks.

AppStore - The Apple App Store is not working in Netfree due to a technical barrier. On macbooks you can try working with tools as detailed here.

iTunes and AppStore - Apple's content store, completely blocked.

Social Networks

Linkedin - Service is completely blocked.

Reddit - Appropriate subreddits can be opened on request, See here for more information.

Facebook - Service is completely blocked.

Google+ - Service is completely blocked.

Google Groups - It is possible to open specific groups, See here for more information.

Instagram - Service is completely blocked.

Twitter - Service is completely blocked.

Pinterest - Partially open (pictures are checked only on the basis of availability).

Video Editing

videoblocks.com - The site is completely blocked.

videohive.net - The site is completely blocked.

videos.pexels.com - The site is completely blocked.

videvo.net - The site is completely blocked.

As well as most video repositories.

Supported substitutes

pixabay.com - Free site, you can submit your videos for review and after they have been approved you can download them.

See also here.

Search engines

Bing - Service is completely blocked, this site is redirected to the google search site

Ask - Service is completely blocked, this site is redirected to the google search site

yahoo! - Service is completely blocked, this site is redirected to the google search site

DuchDuckGo - Service is completely blocked, this site is redirected to the

Google Custom Search - The service is completely blocked (there is a solution for searching within a site, for more information click here).

Supported substitutes

The only supported search engine is Google Search (which is filtered see here).

Online Courses

ted.com - Service is completely blocked.

lynda.com - Service is completely blocked.

Videos on Open University site - Service is completely blocked

udemy.com - At the moment due to changes in the site the movies are not opening.


Google Maps - Street View is blocked.

Google translate - Site translation is blocked (an alternative solution exists, see here for more information)

Download torrents - Service is completely blocked.

OBi - IP phone, used in conjunction with Google Voice - For now the service does not work properly.

MetaTrader's program - works partially (as is).

Apple services

  • Apple Maps - The service works for the most part. Pictures of landmarks on the map are sent for review.
  • Find My (Formerly 'Find Friends' or 'Find iPhone') - The service works including fixed location sharing.
  • Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, Apple Books - Completely blocked.
  • Apple Stocks (Stocks, Capital Market) - opened.
  • Siri - Partly working, random malfunctions.
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes - (Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders and Notes) - Synchronization and daily activities work great.
  • iMessages, FaceTime - Messages and calls between Apple devices - works (photos in iMessages are usually sent for review).
  • Weather On Apple devices does not update.
  • Apple Photos - Works and syncs.
  • General sync of app files in iCloud storage - works.

Sites about Judaism

Forum Otzar Hachochma - The site is completely blocked, for more details see: Blockage of Otzar Hachochma forum, there is an alternative called Torah Forum.

"yeshiva site" - The site is blocked, only the wiki is open.

Meyer Children's Channel - The site is completely blocked.

hidabroot - By default, all video on the site is blocked and sent for review only after request (see footnote here).

Supported substitutes



  1. if the app does not appear there, you can ask the owner of the site to add it, through writing a post in the Forum under this topic, you should tag the post to @zvizvi