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Advanced settings for using Categories and setting addresses to block / open in the filter settings, in addition to what appears on the Personal Filter Settings page.


List of Categories (updated Nov 2, 2021)

There are tags that include under them other tags, they appear in small next to the parent tag

Accounting, Accounting and Wages, Addictive websites (News), Adobe Software Verification , Advertisements, Android [1], Anti-Virus, Apps, Architecture and Interior Design (Building and Construction, Furniture, Modeling and 3D), Army*, Arts and crafts.

Baby Products, Banks and Credit cards, Blogs, Brokerage and Real Estate (Tenant pricing), Building and Construction, Bulletin Boards.

Car service, Cellular, Children's activities, Clothing and Fashion, Cloud services, Communication (Cellular), Community News, Compare prices, Computers, Cosmetics and Care, Coupons.

Dieting, Drawing and Illustration, Driving lessons.

Eateries, Economics and Commerce, Education and Teaching, Educational institutions, Electricity, Electronics, Email, Employment*, Event management.

Family trees and Genealogy, File sharing, Flights and Airlines, Food, Foreign culture, Foreign opinions, Fundraisers, Funds and Investments, Furniture.

Games, Gardening, Gifts and Designs, Gilyonos, Gmail*, Google*, Google chat*, Google Hangouts*, Google Images*, Google image search*, Government websites, Graphic design (Google Images, Image repositories).

Hardware, Hardware and Software (Software updates), Health and Medical, History, Hospitals, Household, Housewares.

IM, Image repositories, Information, Inspirational websites, Instant messaging (Skype), Insurance, Internet and filters, Internet sales.

Jewelry, job placement*, Judaism.

Kehilla News.

Languages - study, dictionaries and translation, Law and Courts, Literature, Live broadcasts, Load Rav-Kav, Local authorities.

Mail and Deliveries*, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Maps (Waze), Marketing and Advertising, Microsoft Teams, Military*, Modeling and 3D, Mortgage and Financing, Music.

Nature, NetFree VPN servers, News, Newspapers, Next clothing, Non-Profits and Charities.

Office Supplies.

Payments, Personal training, Photography and Photo editing, Politics, Potential risk for young and bored people*, Postal*, Printing, Professional Forums, Psychology (Special Ed).

Radio, Recipes, Religious articles and Judaica, Remote access, Remove from mailing list, Rentals, Requires development, Research and Manuscripts, Restaurants*.

Search engines (Google)*, Security Certificates - Needed for online purchases and more, Sefarim*, Shiurim, Shopping (Baby Products, Clothing and Fashion, Compare prices, Cosmetics and Care, Coupons, Furniture, Next clothing, Jewelry), Shopping - broad (Shopping), Sifrei Kodesh*, Skype*, Software Development (Cloud services, Web Development, Web hosting), Software downloads, Software updates (Software downloads, Windows updates), Studies and Knowledge (מילגות), Special Ed, Studio productions, Surveys.

Takeouts*, Taxis, Tech support*, Technical support*, Technology, Tenant pricing (מחיר למשתכן), Teshuva and Repentance, Time wasters (Radio), Torah (Torah lessons-Shiurim, Sifrei Kodesh-Seforim), Torah Leaflets*, Torah lessons, Tourism and Recreation (Flights and airlines, Restaurants, טיולים ומסלולים), Training and Online courses, Transportation (Load Rav-Kav).

URL shortening, Useful tools on the Internet (Load Rav-Kav, Website authentication).

Vehicle, Video*, Video - Barely useful \\ nonsense, Video - Music, Video - Shiurm \\ Musar \\ Haskafa, Video - slightly useful, Video - Very useful, Video - without definition, Video editing.

Waze, Weather, Web development (Web hosting), Web hosting*, Website authentication, Website hosting*, Weight Loss, Windows updates.

Uncategorized websites.


* These Categories have comments below.

Notes for use of Categories

Gmail This Category is included in an email Category. This Category is used for cases where you want to open / block only Gmail's email (and not the email programs of other companies).

IM and Instant messaging includes all the chat software and sites.

Potential risk for young and bored people blocks the ability to download and stream video in Gmail and Google Drive.

Search engines (Google) This tag does not include the Google Image Search tag, and therefore, even if Search engines (Google) is blocked, Google Image Search will still be open, and the same if all sites are blocked by default and the Search engines (Google) is opened the image search will not open without opening the Google Image Search tag, too, [2]

Skype This Category is included in an instant message Category. This Category is used for cases where you want to open / block Skype only (and not any other instant messaging software).

Hangouts - Gmail chat is included in מסרים מידיים and in ג'מייל and דואר אלקטרוני. If you want to block the hangouts, you must follow the ג'מייל/דואר אלקטרוני Categories. If one of them is set as open and the Instant Messaging Category is closed, this will be considered as a contradiction between the Categories and therefore Hangouts will only be closed if the default settings is that all sites not defined should be closed (in this situation, you can also close the Google Chat tag and then it will be blocked). If the 2 categories above are set to be open, then even when the default is set to be closed, Hangouts will remain open. There is another way to close the hangout by closing http://hangouts.google.com/ in the 'Set up addresses' list that overrides the Categories.

Video, for an explanation of the types of video tags see the extended entry here.

Duplicate Categories

The Categories listed below are one and the same, the duplicate is designed to make it easier for users to search

Army and Military.

Car service / Taxis.

Community News / Kehilla News

Dieting / Weight Loss.

Eateries / Restaurants / Takeouts.

Employment / Job placement.

Gilyonos / Torah Leaflets.

Google / Search engines (Google).

Google chat / Google Hangouts.

Google Images / Google image search.

IM / Instant messaging.

Postal / Mail and Deliveries.

Sefarim / Sifrei Kodesh.

Shiurim / Torah lessons.

Tech support / Technical support.

Web hosting / Website hosting.

Address Settings

There are sites that in order that they should work properly, they must be opened by adding an asterisk to the address (*),

These sites use a Sub Domain, behind-the-scenes,

For example: Opening the address: http://pagi.co.il/ is not enough, to open this site without any blocking, it is necessary to also open this address http://online.pagi.co.il/

To save your settings for sub-domains as well, you can open the site with an asterisk: http://*.pagi.co.il/

In general, it is recommended to do so with any address you open (unless it's a site whose sub-domains are not related to the site itself and you do not want the sub-domains to be opened as well).

You can set an asterisk anywhere, For example: You can set: https://next.* and so the next site will open in all the suffixes (il com etc)

You can also open as follows: http://*next*

So each domain with the next characters will open

There is no need to add a www to the URL (but it does not matter if it is added).

Also, when writing the prefix, there is no difference between https and http.


Closing videos on a particular site

To block video viewing only on a defined site, enter the URL with an asterisk before and after the video extension. Most sites use an .mp4 extension and must be entered in this way * mp4 *, you can check the extension by recording the Internet trafic. For example, if you want to block videos on JDN, you must set the address as http://www.jdn.co.il/*mp4*.

Using Gmail only through software and not through the site

This address must be closed https://*google.com/mail/*

Blocking Google Groups with the option to open certain groups

To close Google Groups, close this address http://groups.google.com/, to open a specific group (for example, a group named test), open the following URLs (replace 'test' with the group name) https://groups.google.com/g/test, https://groups.google.com/g/test?*, https://groups.google.com/g/test/*, https://groups.google.com/_/GroupsFrontendUi, [3]

If you use multiple email accounts, set the above like this https://groups.google.com/*/g/test, https://groups.google.com/*/g/test?*, https://groups.google.com/*/g/test/*, In addition, https://groups.google.com/forum should be added. [4]

To note that there is also the My Groups tab https://groups.google.com/my-groups and the Recent Groups https://groups.google.com/recent and All Groups https://groups.google.com/all-groups, without the above address https://groups.google.com/_/GroupsFrontendUi you can not access these even though we will set the 3 addresses as open, but when this address https://groups.google.com/_/GroupsFrontendUi is opened, everything is opened even though we did not set these 3 addresses.

If you want to block one of the above tabs you have to set them individually as closed, but in that case the order does not matter, and although https://groups.google.com/_/GroupsFrontendUi will be at the top of the list, they will still be closed.

Opening all the Internet for a certain period of time without having to change all the profiles

If you want to change your filter settings for a certain period without having to change the existing settings, you can do this in several ways.

A) Users defined with a White List of Categories meaning that all sites are closed by default except for the Categories you choose, you can set all sites to be openend and save the setting and after a while set it back again to blocked.

B) If you use a blacklist or have closed sites in your address settings, open a new profile and set it to open and in the 'Profile activation' activate the new profile, you can also use Tip C.

C) If there are many profiles and defined for days and / or hours and want to open everything temporarily only in one profile, enter the address in the address settings of that profile http://*.* at the top of the list and select is as opened.

  1. Websites about Android
  2. Reason for not including Google Image Search within Search engines (Google) because it opens the image search to people who didn't mean it, for now there is no technical solution for this.
  3. Advanced explanation: https://groups.google.com/g/test opens only the main page without the ability to see group messagesd so it is necessary to open https://groups.google.com/g/test/* as well, but do not just open https://groups.google.com/g/test* without the slash before the star because then groups with letters after the word test for example test1 will also open, after the above settings it is still not possible to write a new message or respond to the message so https://groups.google.com/_/GroupsFrontendUi is required, sometimes the group's main page is routed to https://groups.google.com/g/test?pli=1 and so it is also necessary to open https://groups.google.com/g/test?*.
  4. Advanced explanation: The transfer to another account is made using this address https://groups.google.com/forum, but when there are several email accounts open at the same time, each account receives a number for example https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/test, and so an asterisk must be set instead of the number, the number is in the order in which Google placed the email accounts, if we open the group without the number it will only open if it is the customer's default account which is without a number