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At this point support is provided for the Windows operating system

(Windows XP does not support WiFree Software or Certificate Installation Software, but can Install the certificate manually).

For other operating systems we only provide partial support at this point.

Android-logo.png  Android operating system

This operating system has partial support at this point as follows:

(Partial support means that there are apps that are not currently supported and there are other issues that have no solution at this point. We strive to give as much service as possible).

  • NetFree has developed a blocking software WiFree for Android to block the device from accessing Internet that is not filtered by NetFree.

This software blocks' access to any Internet that is not filtered by NetFree, for information how to connect to Internet filtered by NetFree see here.

The software includes installation of a security certificate for the device and an App store that is constantly updated (on a device with WiFree installed, applications can only be installed from the Netfree store), For detailed information and to join see here.

  • Without installing WiFree for Android, it is necessary to install a security certificate for Android for the purpose of using secure applications and browsing secure websites.

Installing the certificate is not effective on all devices, for more information see here.

The Google Play app store is blocked in NetFree.

You can find downloadable applications in Google search from alternative sites that are open in NetFree (to search enter app name + APK), In the case of a common application, the application download may be open, if it is not opened you can send a request with a point to open the specific application. Common apps can be found here.

Important to know: An Android device, even if it has a NetFree SIM, is not protected from unfiltered internet access! [Via wifi or SIM replacement] as long as wifree application has been installed on it.

Other operating systems

  • Other operating systems such as MacBook, Ubuntu and other systems need to install a security certificate as shown in detail here.
  • Blocking software "WiFree" is currently not supported on various systems (except Windows and Android). It is possible to vote to the promotion of such software development, for Macbook here, for Linux here.

However, there is a partial solution for Linux, see here.