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לעברית לחצו כאן

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From time to time the question arises, "Why can't I watch or listen to Sites or sections on Judaism ? Why block Judaism websites? What 'bad' content can they contain?!". These questions come in several different forms depending on the particular website which triggered the question.

There are websites whose content is explicitly intended for a secular public that is strengthened or newly religious. Naturally, these sites may contain content that is not suited to the classic Haredi outlook and attitude, and sometimes even to matters that are considered taboo by the ultra-Orthodox public, because the filtering system is designed and adapted for the Haredi Orthodox, we can not open these contents.

Therefore, for example, there are various restrictions on the website of Hidabroot , see here.

Also on this site and in other sites sections dealing with Halachic questions of surfers ("Ask the Rabbi") are blocked, due to several reasons:

  • Due to the sensitivity of some topics, vague or roundabout language is commonly used which escapes detection by the robot.
  • Not every topic which can be found in a sefer is appropriate for the internet.
  • Some questions give ideas that we are better-off without.

Since it is not possible to distinguish automatically between content that is permitted to every person and that which is permitted to individuals only, everything is blocked.

In addition, there are sites of the national religious public that are blocked by NetFree. In the Haredi public, we know the rabbis and their opinions and know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, but in the national religious public we do not know the rabbis, and because we are unable to listen to the lessons and decide on them, or to go and get to know the wide range of existing rabbis, we avoid opening.