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הלשונית של נטפרי
הפנל של נטפרי

While browsing, there is a tab with 3 dots on the right of the browser, scrolling the mouse over those dots, opens the Quick help panel, (There are specific sites where the panel will not appear due to failures this created).

The panel causes the pictures, that have been sent to be checked, to refresh automatically.

In the panel there are also some useful tools:

  • דווח על תמונה - Report a picture - If you meet an image that has been opened or blocked incorrectly, you can report it here in two ways:
  1. Click on דווח על תמונה, After that, mark the problematic picture by standing with the mouse on the problematic image and pressing the right mouse button (the images you marked as problematic will be blurred), and then click on דווח, This will send the image for re-examination. (see also this guiding video).
  2. Click on לא הצלחת לסמן את התמונה? לחץ כאן ובחר אותה מתוך הרשימה And you will see all the pictures on the page, then click on the problematic picture and immediately it will be sent for re-examination.
On sites where the panel does not appear, or in case the panel does not work, a picture can also be reported in your personal area on the [Miscellaneous page], see here.
  • דווח על תוכן לא ראוי - Report improper content - Here you can report any inappropriate content, incorrect Hashkafah (השקפה), Heresy (כפירה), parts of videos that do not meet the filtering rules, etc.
Click on דווח על תוכן לא ראוי, You will be taken to a special page for reporting, detail the problematic content (in order to help the testers improve the level of the test, it is very important to specify the the problem in detail), click on שלח, And this will sent a request to NetFree for a review, these requests receive a rating of 5 points (the points will not be deducted from your account), applications of this kind are treated as a first priority.
  • לאיזור האישי - Your account homepage - A link to your account with NetFree.
  • רענן תמונות - Refresh the pictures - If the images have not been refreshed automatically, you can refresh them here.

If this does not help, see other solutions here.

  • חדשות ועידכונים - News an updates - A link to 'הכרזות' in the NetFree forum.
Alongside this is a notice in red circle with the amount of messages that appear in the Announcements that have not been read yet.
  • מדריכים וסרטונים - Guides and videos - A link to NetFree Wiki.
  • סטטוס בדיקת התמונות - Status of the pictures being checked - כאן תראו בזמן אמת כמה זמן תצטרכו לחכות לבדיקת התמונות.
"עכשיו נבדקות התמונות שנשלחו לפני __ שניות". This means that the images currently sent (when you enter the page) will be reviewed in the above number of seconds (this is a live estimate) - and then approved, or otherwise blocked.

When you click on הגדרות פנל -Panel settings There is a possibility to change the settings of the panel, as follows

  • הצגת הפנל - Display the Panel - By default, the panel is displayed when you move over the tab. If you prefer it to be displayed only when you click on the tab, you can set it here.
  • מיקום הפנל - Panel location - By default, the panel is located on the right side of the screen. If you prefer it to appear on the left, you can set it here.
  • מיקום הלשונית - Location of the Panel tab - By default, the tab appears in the middle of the screen. If you prefer it to appear at the top or bottom, you can set it here.

Hide panel

It is possible to disable the Quick help panel in the additional settings in the personal filtering settings, Note that the pictures will not be automatically refreshed.

If you do not want the panel to appear, but you do not want to set in your personal filtering settings that the images continue to refresh automatically, you can use alternative options:

  • By dragging the link shown here Into the browser bookmarks bar.
Clicking on this bookmark will hide the panel, and clicking again will display the panel again.
  • By defining a special plugin, you can download the plugin fromhere.