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This tutorial explains how to connect NetFree through an ISP (Internet Provider) (If you require installation in the device see NetFree VPN)
At this time there are no Internet Providers outside Israel. To use NetFree outside Israel see NetFree VPN

NetFree is available via several Internet providers. In order to use the filter, one must connect to the Internet via one of the supported Internet Providers.

This page will describe current options for connecting to a supported Provider, the advantages, disadvantages, and prices of the various connection methods.

After selecting and connecting to a supported Internet Provider you will be able to register and configure your account.


Broadband connection

To use a broadband connection, you must have a) compatible infrastructure and b) a supporting ISP.
The infrastructure can be either DSL provided by Bezeq or cable provided by HOT.
The Internet Service Provider (AKA ISP) connects you to the internet using the aforementioned infrastructure.
Generally speaking, a Broadband connection is the recommended connection for a home or office, as it provides a stable and fast connection.

Cellular connection

A cellular modem (Netstick) is a device that connects to a USB port on a computer or via a wireless network (wifi) and contains a SIM card (which the Provider provides) that the Internet traffic passes through, allowing you to surf wherever you are.

Please note! The quality of mobile surfing depends on many factors, and sometimes the surfing speed can be extremely slow, at a level that is difficult to work with. Therefore, we recommend using a cellular connection only when a wired connection can not be used, see also Slowness and disconnections.

If you chose the mobile browsing option, it is strongly recommended that you use experienced resellers for the purchase and configuration of a portable device, It is also highly recommended to purchase a netstick that supports 4G and not 3G. See here Guidance for configuring netstick.

Please note! NetFree does not provide support for sim and browsing on smartphones, Android, or ios based systems. The SIM card can only be used for browsing and is blocked for calls and texting.

Cellular vs. Landline - advantages and disadvantages

Landline Cellular
Speed Stable and fast Possibly very slow, (not necessarily)
Surf volume Unlimited Usually limited (but there are packages with high surfing capacity at a reasonable price)
Price Expensive (requires payment for infrastructure + Provider) Cheap
Mobility No Yes
Disadvantages of cellular connection
  1. Unlike a wired connection, the cellular connection is priced according to limited packages*. when the package is finished, the Internet connection stops working or gets extremely slow.
  2. A cellular connection depends on the level of the reception which the company to which you connected have in the area. When there are absorption difficulties, the surfing speed drops significantly, and it becomes difficult to work with. You can check and get information in this site, this site and this site To check the location of antennas in your area by company, and thus connect to the Provider who works with the company with the best reception in your area (details about the antennas with which each company works appears below).
  3. Even when the reception level is full, the cellular connection is usually slower than the line (when there is a deployment of the 4G network of the cellular provider with which you work, and the cellular / netstick modem supports 4G frequencies, the speed may be very similar to the wired, according to the reception of the network).

* The packages are measured according to units of gigabytes. For example, if your package is 5GB, you have a 5 GB surfing capacity per month. (with 019 the package is renewed every month on the date you first joined and can be changed with the company and at RL it is renewed on the 21st of the month). When your computer is connected to the network, especially when you open web pages, data is sent and received, and any such operation consumes surfing space. Therefore, you have to take into account the amount you consume (in some models of cellular modem / netstick you can see in the interface of the settings how many gigabytes was used, in Windows 10 you can view the statistics of the last 30 days through the computer settings: All settings> Network and Internet> data usage. If you need to go beyond packages, you should consider connecting via a wired connection or alternatively purchase 2 lines.

Advantage of cellular connection

  1. Mobile wherever you are, can be very convenient when using a laptop.
  2. cheap. The prices of such a connection are much cheaper relative to a wired connection.
  3. You do not need Bezeq infrastructure and a home modem. It is good for housing units that do not have an option for a Bezeq line, and some prefer to give up the modem at home.

VPN connection

If you can not change your provider to a provider that supports NetFree (such as working in a workplace or when surfing abroad), you can connect to a remote network connected to a which is connected to a NetFree server, this is called a VPN, the VPN address includes a name and password that you configure on your computer or router (which supports VPN). Note: The VPN does not replace the recommendation for an Internet Provider, because it "rides" over the Internet.

Current options for VPN connecting:

  1. VPN service from NetFree (only those who meet the criterion). "See here for more details.
  2. VPN service from RL For 20 NIS per month.

Disadvantages with a VPN connection

  1. The connection is unstable according to connecting directly with a server.
  2. Your Provider is not filtered. i.e. without connecting to the VPN, your internet is open and not filtered. This problem can be solved by installing the WiFree Software (this is a partial solution because the protection is at the software level and only on the computer on which it was installed).
  3. On a VPN connection connected to NetFree, you can not connect to another VPN.
  4. There are many times that the network through you are trying to connect the VPN blocks and prevents the connection, in this case, there is no solution to the matter.
  5. There may not be a connection to the local network when you are connected with a VPN (the problem can usually be solved by routing, see here or contact a network technician).


In order to connect to the filter, contact one of the Providers who work in cooperation with NetFree. Providers who work with NetFree sell both wired and mobile connections (the prices of each vendor are listed below.

  • RL link to website. Customer Service 0722-132-999. (line connections, cellular connections based on Pelephone, Cellcom, or Partner).
  • x2one link to website. Customer Service 055-3335555. (line connections, cellular connections based on Pelephone).
  • 019.Customer Service 1800-019-019 or 0019* or 0559905599. can also be contacted at, (line connections, cellular connections based on Partner).
  • Kosher Sim link to website. Customer Service 08-802-18-18. (line connections based on Triple CCC or ITC, cellular connections based on Partner, Hot Mobile or Cellcom).
  • yossi-tikshoret link to website. Customer Service 03-8010333. (line connections, cellular connections).
  • IB Customer Service 08-800-5000. (line connections, cellular connections).

Unique features

Private IP Address (Not NAT) (For incoming connections: Cameras, RDP, etc.) - possible through all Providers (additional 20 NIS per month) besides from 019 (In Kosher Sim it is possible only in ISP packages).

SIP lines - port 5060 in protocol UDP is blocked by x2one through x2one. This means that telephone or central servers that are working on SIP in Port 5060 UDP protocol will not work.

Payment to NetFree through the Provider (see "prices") - NetFree can also be paid through the RL and X2ONE Provider. In case NetFree can not be paid directly to NetFree, this is not recommended by NetFree as it complicates customer support.

'Windows updates' - blocked by the RL provider and also blocked by the kosher SIM provider with a cellular connection only. You can ask them for an individual opening.


The monthly payment for the Internet connection is divided into two:

  1. Payment to NetFree for filtering services.
  2. Payment to ISP for browsing package.

Payment for filter

NetFree's filtering service costs 15 ₪ for each line connection, and 20 ₪ or 30 ₪ for users of a NetFree VPN connection (Depends on the server you use).

The monthly payment will be paid for every internet connection Which is defined in your account. If the Internet is not used at all in a period of 15 days or more, these days will be deducted from the monthly payment, in proportion to the number of days in that month.
For purposes of this calculation, a month and a half are used, the month and two weeks in the following month, In other words, if the period from the 1st of the month to the 16th of the following month, the Internet is not used for 15 consecutive days, you will be charged proportionally according to actual usage, but if, for example, you surfed only on the last day of the month and the month after that you surfed as of the 15th of the month, so there were not 15 consecutive days without surfing (since you surfed on the last day of the previous month, or in other words on the first day of the 15 days without surfing).

The reduction of days when there was no surfing is done automatically. And any error within 2 days will not be considered a mistake. All times are calculated according to UTC.

Payment is charged on the 20th of the month. For those whose payment failed on the 20th of the month, an additional payment attempt will be made on the 10th and 15th of the following month.

The use of NetFree and the joining process includes prior forgiveness for any error that might be done in the calculation. If you find a mistake in your account it is your duty to notify NetFree so we can correct it. If you do not notify within three months, it will be considered forgiven.

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer by paying a minimum of 90 NIS.