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Private sharing in Drive consists of two stages:

  1. Disable normal sharing.
  2. Personal permission for the person you send to.

Disable sharing

Right-click on the file, and select "Share" (1).
In the window that opens you must change the setting to "Share links disabled" (2). (If a window opens without the above option, click in the open window on "Get shareable link" and the appropriate window will open)

לחיצה ימנית על הקובץ ובחירה באפשרות "שתף".

Personal authorization

In the same window, there is a line to enter email addresses (which are actually Google accounts) for people you want they should have access to the files (3).

...לשנות את ההגדרה ל"השיתוף של קישורים מושבת".
...שורה שבה מכניסים את כתובות המייל.

Important note:

When you apply these settings to a folder, the settings will be applied to all the files inside it.