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By default, files and folders in Dropbox are privately shared, meaning that only the account owner who created the folder and uploaded the files can view and download the files.
If you want to allow other NetFree users to download your files, you must make sure that you do not allow public sharing. Public sharing means that anyone with the link could see and download the files.
Files that have been publicly shared and were blocked can be submitted for review by sending the link to NetFree wis a point. When the link is reviewed by NetFree and found to be appropriate, it is opened to all users

How to change sharing settings

In the Members column, the sharing status appears. By default, this is only You.
When yu mve the mouse on a folder / file, a share button will appear after the above column, and by clicking the button, a window will be opened in which the sharing settings will be changed.

How to share a file or folder privately

In the window that opens, in the To: field at the top left of the window, enter the email address or user name in the dropbox of the people you want to share the folder / file with them.

How to share a file or folder fr the public

In the window above, click on the link "Create a link". Anyone who has the above link will be able to access the folder / file, but users will not be able to view or download the file.

Important note:

  1. When you apply these settings to a folder, the settings will be applied to all the files inside that folder.
  2. When you share a folder, both the share and the shared can add and modify files (according to the configured share permissions).


It should be noted that there are different sharing settings related to permissions, but these settings do not affect the use with NetFree.