Possible problems with installing a certificate

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If you have installed the security certificate and checked with Auto troubleshooter and no problems were found, but an error still appears in the security certificate:

  1. Close the browser completely (make sure it is not active in the system tray) and restart it, if there is a possibility that the browser was not closed completely restart the computer
  2. Uninstalling security certificate from all locations and reinstall it
  3. Disable the anti-virus web shield
  4. Cancel Proxy Settings if exist
  5. Check that the date and time are set
  6. Update your browser
  7. Uninstall any blocking / filtering software (K9 / Nativ / Rimon / Etrog etc.) if installed
  8. Check the Securaty certificate the site uses. If word "FILTER" does not apear in the certificate the problem is not related to NetFree.

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Security issues on a particular site

In case of a security issue on a specific site, send a request to the support system with [[Troubleshooting#The traffic rec [ording tool| Recording]] of attempting to access the site in Incognito .

See here more details.