Possible problems with installing a certificate

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The certificate has been installed, but there is still a security error

If you have installed the security certificate and checked with Auto troubleshooter and no problems were found, but an error still appears in the security certificate:

  1. Close the browser completely (make sure it is not active in the system tray) and restart it, if there is a possibility that the browser was not closed completely restart the computer
  2. Uninstalling security certificate from all locations and reinstall it
  3. Disable the anti-virus web shield
  4. Cancel Proxy Settings if exist
  5. Check that the date and time are set
  6. Update your browser
  7. Uninstall any blocking / filtering software (K9 / Nativ / Rimon / Etrog etc.) if installed
  8. Check the Securaty certificate the site uses. If word "FILTER" does not apear in the certificate the problem is not related to NetFree.

Certificate cannot be installed

In windows 10, see here how to exit S mode.

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Security issues on a particular site

In case of a security issue on a specific site, send a request to the support system with Recording of attempting to access the site in Incognito .

See here more details.