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Limited plans in NetFree

In order to encourage the NetFree customer to reduce the use of the Internet to the minimum necessary, NetFree has launched special plans tailored to the relatively limited use of the Internet with a discount for the payment to NetFree.

Switching from a standard plan to a restricted plan or moving from a more open plan to a more restricted plan if free of charge. Switching from a restricted plan to a more open plan is charged according to the details of each plan.

Each plan has a time of two hours to try it, from joining the plan you have two hours when you can leave the plan free of charge..

Here are the available plans:

Plan 1 - The Gmail only Plan

In this plan only Gmail & Jumbomail are open.

The monthly cost is 4 NIS instead of the regular cost.

Plan 2 - The Limited Plan

In this plan only basic sites are open according to NetFree's discretion[1].

The monthly cost is 7 NIS instead of the regular cost.

List of open sites in this plan: [2]

Plan 3 - The Reduced Risk Plan

This plan will open all open sites approved by NetFree except for three tags: Addictive websites, Foreign opinions, and Foreign culture.

The monthly cost is 10 NIS instead of the regular cost.

To register for one of these routes:

  1. It should be noted that Google Drive is blocked in this plan
  2. It should be noted that some of the banks you can only access the bank's main website and not the personal account, in such a situation it is possible to request in NetFree's Support System and this will be fixed...