NetFree on virtual remote Desktop servers

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In NetFree you can connect to a remote desktop (RDP connection). However, browsing on the remote computer will not be filtered.

There are several solutions:

Solution 1: Blocking browsing

You can only block the browsing option on the remote computer. It will still be possible to browse on the local computer, and it will also be possible to use web-based software on the remote computer.

One way to do this is to block port 80 and port 433 used for browsing. There are tutorials on how to do this, for example here. Note that surfing can be restored relatively easily, so this is not a recommended solution.

Solution 2: NetFree on the remote computer

Physical server

A physical server can be used for the remote desktop, which will connect to NetFree's existing connection and thus avoid the problem in the first place.

NetFree based servers

There are companies that provide NetFree based virtual servers.

VPN on the remote server

Windows servers that connect via RDP can be filtered by connecting the remote computer to NetFree VPN with OpenVPN configuration + installing WiFree Software that does not block incoming connections even if the VPN connection is disconnected.

Also, since this is a remote server that has no physical control, it is advisable to do this only if you know what you are doing.

  1. If you connected via PPTP or L2TP and lost communication with the server, you will need to disconnect the active VPN connection from the server - which is not possible if the server is not physical. The solution is to restart the server, which will disconnect the VPN connection. Alternatively, you can connect with the same VPN connection information on another computer, and the active connection on the server will be disconnected