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The manual can be downloaded to the computer in a PDF version that includes bookmarks, making it easy to study and orientation of the manual. To download the Hebrew version click here.

This page explains how to use the English Forum, which is different from the Hebrew Forum. For details on the Hebrew Forum, see the page אינפורום - פורום המשתמשים של נטפרי 

About the Forum

In the forum you can consult with others, and help others, on a variety of topics that will make you get the most of the NetFree filter.
NetFree users, and others interested in NetFree, are invited to be part of the Forum, to experience the advantages, drawbacks and solutions, information about suppliers, prices, and everything relevant to the NetFree filter.
Home page of the Hebrew Forum:
Home page of the English Forum:

Please note:

  • The Forum administrators designated it solely for what is related to filtering NetFree and suppliers who work with filtering, or topics related to research and development, promotion and marketing of technological solutions to deal with the dangers involved in the use of the Internet. Any other topic should be asked elsewhere.
  • Do not write codes or breaches of software of any kind.
  • The Forum must be kept clean of any dispute, And certainly from public controversy. Managers may block users who will not honor this request.

Usage of the Forum

Use of the Forum is made possible for members of NetFree, and for those who are interested and not yet using NetFree.
Viewing the Forum's topics and downloading files is possible for everyone, but to be an active part of it, write a topic or comment on an existing one, you must register with a username and password.

Registration to the Forum

In order to be an active part of the Forum you must register.
On the right side of the homepage there is a registration tab, clicking on it will lead you to Registration page
On this page you will be prompted to select:

  • Your e-mail address, all responses to the topics you follow, will be received by this e-mail. By default your email will not appear to everyone, if you wish it should be seen to others, you can change it. Your email address will appear on your profile. See below profile.
  • A username, which will identify you on any topic or comment of yours in the Forum.
  • Choosing a password.

Your name and picture you received at random, which will be used for others to identify you, will appear here.

Change and profile settings

You can set your own preferences, and change the image that will appear above your name.
On the right side of each page in your Forum you can see your default image. Clicking on the image opens a menu:
The first line is your name, clicking on it will open your profile, where information about you (not personal, unless you choose to do so) and your activity in the Forum, by date.
The second to fifth line are settings related to how you will look to others in Forum:

  • Online - A green circle will appear on the side of your picture, telling others that you are currently connected to the Forum.
  • Away -
  • Do not disturb -
  • Invisible - You are logged in to the Forum, but to others will appear as if you are not in the forum.
  • Edit Profile - Clicking on it will bring you to your profile page. You can add caption below your name, change image / username / email / password.
On this page you can also view the three dots on a variety of topics.

Messages and comments

New posts must be entered in the appropriate category:

  • Announcements - Can only be added by administrators.
  • Improvments and new features - Can only be added by administrators.
  • General Discussions - Any message that is not associated with any of the other categories.
  • NetFriends Portal - A dialog around the current wiki. It is intended to discuss what is written here, including for those who are not familiar with the editing skills here, can write there, and other helpful members will edit it.
  • Impressions - Feedback on the NetFree positive or not, you can specify the degree of satisfaction NetFree.
  • Forum Feedback - Topics related to the Forum.
  • Feature Wishlist - Here is the place to suggest your idea you want NetFree to progress. Each idea should begin with a new topic so we will be able to discuss it on the same subject. Before you start any topic, check to see if your idea is already written.

Add a new topic
  • Writing a topic
Once you've entered the appropriate category for the message you want to write, click on 'New Topic', clicking will open a message box. (You can increase and decrease the size of the box by dragging the arrow marker on the righr).
Enter a title, then the body of the message.
If you want another user to see what you have written, you should mention him in the body of your message. See below Mentioning another user.
  • Format a message
You can highlight and direct words that you want, by the ruler that appears between the title and the body of the message.. If you choose a particular theme, what you will see in the message body is asterisks and various codes, but you can see the final result in the display window on the right side of the edit window.
B - Bold.
I - Italic.
List - Writing in list form. You can also do manual by writing *
S - Strikethrough.
<\> - Code
Link icon - To insert a link in your message to another location. If you've copied a link, click the link icon, and insert the link. You can edit what should appear on the display by typing inside link text. If you entered correctly, your caption will appear in blue. Video Guide How to make a link in the Forum (- you need to extract the video)
Image icon - Link to image in another location.
X - Zen mode
Symbols - Add Symbols.
Upload Image - You can upload any picture file, etc., about your message.
Increase the text - You can increase text by writing # at the beginning of the line, each # further reduces further, total to 6 different sizes.
You can see the language used for formatting here.
  • Tagging a topic
Once you have finished editing your message, you can tag your message with the appropriate tag.
The tag can be written in the row below the message window. If you can not see the line, reduce the percentage screen view, it hides somewhere.
A good tag is useful for other users who can find all messages (tagged) on a particular topic. The tag should be concise and concise. If you're not sure which tag you want, you can ask in the category "Forum Feedback". Similarly, when you type a character while inserting a tag, you will receive similar tag suggestions.

Are you finished? Click "Submit", the message will enter your chosen location.

From now on, any response you receive to your message will receive an alert in your email, if you do not cancel it. See below Track messages.

Comment on an existing topic

If you have anything to add to a topic that another member has written, or to comment on a topic that has been written or commented on what you have written, you can do so by adding a comment within the existing post.
By default, everyone who wrote a message in a topic will receive an email notification of other messages in that topic unless they choose not to.

Option No: 1.
Click on Reply - Your message will be without a quote. Your message will include the name of the person who wrote that message. You can delete or change a name, see below Mentioning another user.
Option No: 2.
Click on Quote - Your message will be followed by a quote of the message you are responding to. The quote will be reduced. In order for your message not to enter within the quotation, you must type a line break.
It is recommended to quote when you are not alone in the thread of the message, so that others will know for whom your reaction is, and for what.

Repair messages

If you want to change / add a message you have written, you can edit it by clickink on the three dots below the spoken message on the right, and select Edit or Delete.

Mentioning another user

Reply / comment to another user's post, automatically enter his name in the body of your message. If you want you can delete someone, also if you want to mention someone else, click @ and then a list will appear, which brings the last people who wrote about this topic To enter other users, press @ and their first letter, and you will have additional options.
It is very important! @ must be joint to the user name, and separated from any other text before and after.

Track messages

Any message you wrote or responded to, you will be notified directly to your email, you can change it by clicking on the bottom of the page in each message Watching / Not Watching, You can also change to follow posts of others which you did not participate in the thread.


Have you seen a helpful message that you want to go back to in the future? you can click on the three dots on the right side of the message and mark "Bookmark". In the future, you can find it on your profile page in the menu on the right with three blue dots and click "Bookmarks".

Inappropriate post

If you encounter an inappropriate post, you can report it. Clicking on the three points > Flag this post for moderation. Or alternatively you mentioned @admin they would already see it, you can also report in the NetFree Quick help panel, in the report in the panel, it appears that the referral system is receiving a very high priority.


At the top of the screen is accompanied by a toolbar. We will go over all the symbols from left to right with a small explanation on each of them.

  • Forum symbol - Clicking on it brings you to the main page.
  • Unread (Illustration of a document drawer) - Clicking here will show you whether there are messages you have not read yet. The number that appears on it periodically displays the number of messages you have not read yet. Very useful.
  • Recent - Displays the messages from the one to rhe first one.
  • Tags - Option to search by tags. Any user who opens a topic can tag it to make it easier for the following users to search for whether they have already discussed the topic. (see above Tagging a topic).
  • Popular - Displays the topics by the amount of views.
  • Users - Displays all registered users in the order you choose. By default users will be displayed in order of registration, from last to first. User names can also be displayed by the amount of messages (posts) they have written. According to the amount of reputation (thanks) they received. Or see which users are currently connected.
  • Groups - Displays the existing groups and their subscribers.
  • NetFriends - Link to current wiki site. (It is worth noting that the guides can be viewed more pleasantly in this link).
  • Advanced search - Advanced search option that lets you search for messages or topics from specific users, categories, dates, and more. See below who to search.
  • He Leeds you to the Hebrew Forum
  • Navigation buttons Allow you to browse the messages, jump to the first / last message, insert a desired message number, etc., and display how many messages there are and what message number you are currently reading.
  • Search - Search by typing option. See below Searching in the Forum.
  • Notification - Clicking the icon will open the notification window, where you can see each time someone mentions your username correctly (see above), Or whenever you get a reputation from someone.
Also when you follow a specific topic, each time a comment is written, the alert icon will indicate that.
As well as a new post uploaded by a user you are following, the alert icon will indicate this.
As in "Unread," here too there is a number that shows the amount of alerts you have not yet seen. This number will also appear at the top of the browser's Forum tab.
If there is a warning that you are not interested in reading it, and on the other hand you wish to stop the alart, you can click the circle on the side of the alert, this press will cause the alart to be as readed,.
  • Profile - Clicking on it will open a list of options, including hide mode, etc., settings and edit profile (see above).
Each user automatically receives an image that represents it and appears next to each message they write, you can change the image in any picture you want, provided it is in PNG / JPG / BMP file and its weight should not exceed 256 KB.

Searching in the Forum

In the search window you can search for any word.
If you are looking for 2 words and want the results to be only on these 2 words in sequence, enter quotation marks before and after. For example: "security certificate". Otherwise the results will bring you everything that appears in the certificate / security separately.
The same can be done before and after quotation marks on each of the words, and the result will be only those words, even if they are not in sequence.

Link to the English Forum

Link to the Hebrew Forum