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In NetFree, every active connection must be associated with an account. When attempting an initial browsing on a new connection, the system navigates the customer to open a new account on NetFree or associate the connection to an existing account, see NetFree Initial Configuration.

The dashboard area is where you can set up personal settings regarding payments, filter settings, request and more.

This page lists the tabs in the dashboard area.

The dashboard area has four tabs with sub-tabs.

User details

Personal details

On this page you can change the user information, phone number of the account [1] and e-mail address, add or rename name for receipts and change the account's password, and if the account is connected to different devices it can be disconnected from all devices[2].

The e-mail address you entered will serve you to receive invoices and messages from NetFree, as well as answers to inquiries sent via NetFree's Support System.

Please note: Any change of e-mail address will result with stoping receiving notifications and invoices from NetFree to the registered address, the messages and invoices will be sent to the new address[3].

Filter Settings

see Personal Filter Settings

Billing informatuon

see Payment to NetFree

Payment details

see Details of payments


For an explanation on points see here. For an explanation on purchasing points see here.


see NetFree special plans.


Internet Traffic Recording

For an explanation see here.


On this page you can report blocked or accidentally confirmed photos, see here.

User ID Designed to check the Internet Connection User ID.

הצבעה על תכונות חדשות

see Voting page.

Troubleshoot Common Problems

Link to a common issues check page.

My Support Requests

Request list

Send a new Support Request

Information about Support System see NetFree's Support System.

תמיכה מהירה

Link to a dedicated technical support page with various links for help and troubleshooting.

  1. Changing the number requires getting a call to the old number and therefore the number cannot be replaced if you do not have the old number.
  2. By clicking on צא מהחשבון שלי מכל המכשירים the account will be disconnected from all other devices/browsers but the account will remain connected to the same browser from which the disconnection was done (In the message נותקה בהצלחה מXX מכשירים, the system also counts the current device, but actually stays connected).
  3. Pay particular attention when giving account information to someone else (employee, etc.) so that he should not change the e-mail address.