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The NetFree software (AKA WiFree 3) is an easy-to-use software that protects your computer with the NetFree Filter.


The NetFree software has two main purposes:

1. Protection

The software helps to ensure that your device is not open to internet that is not protected by NetFree. When you connect to an unfiltered connection, the software will not allow you to use unfiltered internet.

2. Filter

Additionally, the software can connect your device to the NetFree filter in a situation where you cannot use a pre-filtered connection (for example You are located outside Israel or you are in a workplace where you cannot change the internet provider):

In Israel

If you are located in Israel, then the system will not provide you with the option to use the software as a means of connecting to NetFree. This is because NetFree does not want to legitimize the use of an unfiltered internet connection. Therefore in Israel where there is the option to get a pre-filtered internet connection from an internet provider who offers this service, the option to connect using the software is not offered. Click here to see more about connecting to NetFree from Israel.

However, the option to connect in case of a one-time need in Israel is available and will include interruptions every few minutes. If you need an uninterrupted connection and you cannot use a pre-filtered connection, then contact NetFree for additional assistance.

Outside Israel

If the system detects (automatically) that you are located outside Israel and therefore, using a pre-filtered internet connection is not an option, then the software will automatically provide the filtering on your device without interruptions and no additional steps are needed after installation.


The pricing of connecting to NetFree via the software is 10 NIS more than when connecting via a pre-filtered internet connection: 25 NIS for the regular plan (15+10) the same is for each of the reduced price plans.


The software is intended for computers running Windows 10 and up.

The installation of the NetFree software is unique in this that it is done from within the browser. A software will have to be downloaded and run and then you will return to the browser to continue.

The installation and setup are quite straightforward and simple.

Click here to begin

During the installation, you can select the removal fee (between 50 and 200 NIS) and a time period (up to 72 hours) for a no-fee removal

Then follow the onscreen steps.

If you encounter any difficulty, just call NetFree 24hrs: (Press 1 > 1 to reach a support agent)


The removal of the software includes a fee. This fee is selected upon installation and can be anywhere between 50 and 200 NIS.

The removal process includes a wait of 2 hours during which you can cancel the removal.

After removing the software, you cannot re-install it for a period of 12 hours. Click here to begin the removal process


If you encounter any issues connecting, try restarting the device. If this does not help, Contact NetFree for assistance.