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The support system is the preferred communication method for the NetFree team. Any problem - software that does not work, a site that has not yet been checked, a video that requires checking; or anything that requires the attention of the NetFree team - the support system is the place. Here we will explain how to send a request.

Access to the support page

Access to the support page is gained through the account homepage under "My Support Requests". There you will find the "Request list", which are the requests previously sent, at the top of the list appears a button Send a new Support Request. You can also gain access through the panel by clicking on "My Dashboard" or "Send a request".


Points are the way you rate the priority of inquiries.

Every connection that is connected to a NetFree account receives 16 points each month (the points are given at 00:00 UTC), to send a request to check sites or videos. (see more about getting more points). A request to check a site, or video, or to add a site to your community, must be sent with at least one point. Requests sent without a point will not be handled! (see more about requests which do not require points.)


The amount of time that it takes for your request to be dealt with (checking a site or video) is anywhere from a few minutes to an hour when it is sent with 2 or 3 points and for requests with 1 point, it usually takes a few hours. (within Support Opening Hours). However, there is no guarantee on NetFree's part to deal with the requests within the above time frame.

Complicated requests may take longer to deal with, you can see if your request is complicated by looking on top of the request to see how NetFree sees your request("Complex Problem" or "Professional Care" etc.).


Any website that has not yet been checked will have a link that says "send a request to check" If you click the link you will automatically be transferred to a ticket with that site in the request bar. All you have to do is choose the number of points you would like to use and give a brief description of the site.

Most of the sites that are approved by NetFree will still have Image Filter, Text Filter, and PDF file filtering. There are specific sites that have been categorized as totally reliable and clean sites, and they, therefore, do not go through additional filtering. In any case, if you come across something inappropriate/mistake, it is recommended to report it through the panel. This type of request automatically receives top priority and it is dealt with as soon as possible (usually within a few minutes).


Referral page to NetFree's Support System for sites YouTube & Vimeo

In NetFree's Support System, videos can be submitted for review from most sites. In video files stored on websites YouTube & Vimeo, any video that has not yet been checked will have a button on it that says "Send the video to be checked (שלח את הוידאו לבדיקה)". By clicking that button, you will automatically be transferred to a ticket with that video in the request bar, all you have to do is choose the number of points you would like to use, and describe the video in short. (Read more on sending a video to be checked).

Downloading files

There are file types that are not supported by auto-filtering, you can send a request to check and open a file as with any site that has not been checked.
If the file that is blocked is on a blocked site, you can send a request to download the file for you by the גוי של אינטרנט. Such requests require at least one point

Requests which do not require points

There are certain requests which do not need any points:

  • If you have a problem installing/updating software.
  • If you came across a page that was mistakenly closed by the robot.
  • A request in any other topic besides checking sites or videos or files that are not filtered automatically

These types of requests may be sent in without points.

But in case of an urgent request, it is advisable to send it with points to give it a higher priority.

Getting more points

Buying points

If you have used up all of your points for the month and you would like to send in more requests that need points, there is an option to buy more points. To buy points, either click on the points button under user details, or you can access it directly from the new ticket page via the link just above the message box. you can also access it here, then just choose the right package for yourself.

Points Price
5 10 Shekels
10 17 Shekels
20 30 Shekels
30 37 Shekels
50 50 Shekels
  • The points expire 40 days from the day purchased.
  • The payment for the points will be taken from the payment that you have on file for your account.
  • You can only buy points once per day.
  • Points cannot be purchased if there is an outstanding balance of NIS 100 or more in the account.

Internet traffic recording

כדי לפתור בעיה זו יש ללחוץ על לחץ כאן כדי להוסיף מידע על התקלה ולהשתמש בכלי הקלטת תעבורת אינטרנט כפי שמוסבר בדף התמודדות עם תקלות. There are times when a site is open but part of the site uses a different site that is closed, which causes the current site to act strangely. There are times that the pictures of a site are located in a different site and they are therefore not being sent to be checked, even though the current site is open. Some applications use sites that have not yet been checked. The common denominator between these is that there is an issue in which the web address can not be easily found and sent in to be checked.

To solve this problem, click on Click here to add the fault information to use the Internet traffic recording tool, the way it is explained on the Dealing with closures page.

Customer Support Opening Hours

Inquiry support and telephone answering: Sunday to Thursday 24 hours.

Friday until 12 pm (Israel time), and מוצ"ש from 2 hours after the zman.

Fridays and Motzei Shabbat: From the beginning of Shabbos in Eretz Yisrael until the end, the photo inspection also stops for those who are abroad, because of halachic issues regarding the employment of non-Jewish workers on Shabbos, even though they are abroad.

Chol-Hamoed: see here.

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