Installing the Bank Hapoalim app

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Description of the fault: The Bank Hapoalim app requests an update.

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The solution: install the app on its four parts using ADB.

It should be noted that the problem was not intentionally created and it is likely that in the following versions of the app it will be fixed and this installation process will be unnecessary.

Step 1: download fromhere the ADB tool and extract to any folder. should now be set to active

Step 2: activate USB debugging.

This can be set by entering developer mode {There is a guide here} Go to Settings > About Tablet > click 7 times on build

כניסה למצב פיתוח

Now go to Settings > Developer Options > And mark debugging.

סימון ניפוי שגיאות

Step 3: Download the apk files from here and extract to any folder.

Step 4: after extracting, we will get a folder with 4 files which must be copied to the folder where ADB is located.

Step 5: Browse to the folder where ADB is located by the command cd space folder path.

   cd C:folder path

As in the example: (Of course change to the right path.)

פקודת דפדוף

Step 6: Make sure your device is connected to your computer. And run the following command:

   adb install-multiple -r 1.apk 2.apk 3.apk 4.apk

Wait until you get 'Success'

Now launch the app and it should work properly.