Installation of certificate in npm

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Preferred option

Following the instructions Installation of certificate in all Node products will solve the problem effectively.

Second option

In windows install the security certificate software, and then run this command:

npm config -g set cafile %programdata%\netfree\ca\netfree-ca-bundle-curl.crt

In other operating systems download the file from here, extract its contents, save in a fixed location, and Write the command in a way that you point to the file.

In linux, if you installed the certificate according to the instructions here write this command:

npm config -g set cafile /usr/lib/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

To uninstall the certificate run this command.
npm config -g delete cafile 

Third option

You can disable the need for Security certificate for package installation , by setting npm to use with the http protocol on the site which is the package source.

Run the following command:

npm config set registry 

Option to cancel security check

You can cancel the security check when communicating by running this command:

npm config -g set strict-ssl false

And to return the test you can run:

npm config -g delete strict-ssl false

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