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If you are interested in opening an account with NetFree, you should take into account two important points:

Is NetFree suitable for me?

NetFree is suitable for most of the Ultra-Orthodox public that follow the instructions and guidance of the Rabbis. If you have never used the internet it is most likely that you will not have a problem at all and NetFree will suit you perfectly.

If you have been previously connected to the Internet, you may have some browsing habits that are not possible while using NetFree, you may find substitutes for some of them.

You can connect with NetFree and see if the filter is right for you, and if it doesn't work for you, you can disconnect at any time. We recommend that you first check with NetFree whether the main websites that you usae are open properly. To find out, you can email the website address (URL) to NetFree at: info@netfree.link and ask if the sites are open in NetFree.

Please note: our support for filtering at this time is for Windows operating system, our support is limited for other operating systems, see here.

How do you connect?

Joining NetFree is easy. Here are the three basic steps:

  1. Connect:
    • Either connect to a Internet Service Provider who supports NetFree* Only available in Israel(see below)
    • Or Install NetFree on your device For those who cannot use a filtered provider such as those outside Israel.
  2. After you connect,Associate your connection with a NetFree account.
  3. Then you can Configure your filter preferences or join a Kehilla.

Below is a list of internet providers that can connect you to NetFree in Israel:

  • RL Internet Provider 0722-132999
  • 019 Internet Provider 055-99-055-99
  • Kosher SIM Internet Provider 08-802-18-18
  • Yossi Communication Internet Provider 03-8010333
  • IB Communication Internet Provider 08-800-5000
  • Bezeq (over the 099 internet provider) 08-800-1000
  • 099 Internet Provider 072-2466805
  • Amitnet Internet Provider 072-2537419
  • HOT Internet Provider *6900
  • ITC Internet Provider 4914*
  • Bezeq Internet Provider 08-800-6000

  • Bellow is a list of resellers that can help you connect to NetFree: