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This tutorial will explain the different options available for using NetFree.

The best option for using NetFree is to use an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that supports NetFree. If you don't have access to an ISP that supports NetFree, there is an option of using NetFree's filter over your existing provider, click here for instructions. For a list of service providers who support NetFree click here.

Joining NetFree is easy. here are the three basic steps:

  1. Connect to an Internet Service Provider who supports NetFree or Install NetFree on your device
  2. Associate your connection with a NetFree account.
  3. Configure your Filter Preferences


Option 1: Connect to an Internet Provider

NOTE: At this time there are no Internet Providers outside Israel and this option isn't available for those outside Israel.

ספק אינטרנט.png

Find an Internet provider who supports NetFree here.
The filtering is done at the provider before the internet reaches you, to use this option it is first necessary to be connected to an ISP that supports NetFree. This can be done by contacting a service provider that supports NetFree and requesting a filtered connection.
There are currently two types of connections that support NetFree, wired connection, and cellular connection.
See expanded entry: Providers and prices. (see also: Netstick rental with a SIM of NetFree, Buying a Netstick).

Option 2: Installing NetFree on your device

NOTE: This is only available to those who cannot use a standard Internet Provider (such as those outside Israel).

סמל אניוואר.png
NetFree can be used via VPN installed on the device.

For Windows devices, there is an easy-to-use Installer that does all the work. Click here to learn more about this option.
See expanded entry: NetFree VPN.

Initial Configuration

Once you have connected to NetFree you now have to associate your connection with your account and configure your preferences.


To complete your NetFree connection you must associate it with a NetFree account. New users will be prompted to create a new user account whereas existing users can use their existing account (even for multiple connections). This account will be used for payment and support.

Upon browsing you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can associate your connection with a NetFree account, or you can start the process manually by clicking on this link and following the steps.
See expanded entry: NetFree Initial Configuration.

Congratulations!! you are now ready to use the high-quality, filtered internet of NetFree.


At this point, it is suggested that you configure your personal filter settings. There are 2 levels of filter settings:

  1. Personal Filter Settings. You can define which content you are interested in and which not. You can set everything closed except for what you want to open, or vice versa. You can also set a separate password for these settings.
  2. Kehilla Supervision, who will watch over your settings. Once you've chosen a Kehilla, you cannot leave it without the Kehilla's permission.

See expanded entry: Personal Filter Settings.

Additional suggested steps

For Beginner User Training click here .

WiFree - Block Unfiltered internet access

To ensure that the computer does not connect to another Internet provider without filtering, you can use WiFree Software, which blocks the possibility of connecting to non-filtered networks or servers. This is especially needed for laptops that can connect to non-filtered wireless networks and desktop computers that use a VPN. It is also good to have as a second guard, in case something goes wrong with the NetFree connection.

If you have joined a Kehilla Supervision you may be required to install the software and you will not be able to browse without it (depending on the Kehilla settings).