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APN settings

Most Netsticks do not require special configuration and they connect automatically, but if the Netstick does not connect to the Internet, the should configure the connection according to the following settings:

How to access the netstick interface?

Normally, the first time you connect the Netstick you need to install the Netstick installation software, you will see it in "My Computer", where you will find the devices that are connected to the computer, open the Netstick folder, and run the installation file (usually setup.exe) located in the folder.

There are netsticks where access is through software and some are accessed through a browser interface, to find the address of the interface in the browser, open the command line, type in the command ipconfig and press enter, the address of the number in the Default Gateway is the access address for the netstick interface. In the browser's address bar to enter the settings interface.

Sometimes access to the netstick settings requires a username and password, in most common models the username and password are


Note! The location and names of the settings differ slightly between netstick and netstick

You can usually find the apn settings in the netstick interface under the header "Configure Profile Settings" or "APN Settings" "Connection Profile" "Connection Settings" "Network Settings":

In the profile name it does not matter what to write. Additional settings like User Name & Password & Dial Number usually should be keft empty. if a dial Number is needed it should be *99#.

APN settings according to company
company APN
019 019
Sim Kasher ksim

Hot-Mobile only: iots.hotm

RL iisp

The settings are usually defined by clicking Add, which means "Add profile", Edit means "Edit profile", Delete means "Delete Profile".

After setting the desired settings, choose either Apply or Ok or Save. Usually, you return to the APN screen. Select the profile you have set and make it default (usually pressing set as defult).

If these settings are configured correctly but there is still no Internet connection (Some of the following settings do not exist in all Netsticks):

Roaming data should be enabled.

In the authentication configuration (Protocol/Authentication) you need to set NONE or CHAP or PAP (Try what works).

ב - PDP Type set ip or ipv4. וכן לבצע חיפוש רשת ידני (בד"כ תחת הכותרת Select Network) ולבחור ברשת המתאימה לפי שמה (Automatic - בחירת רשת אוטומטית Manual - חיפוש ידני), לעיתים יהיה צורך לנסות להתחבר לרשת לא מתאימה ולאחר שההתחברות נכשלת לנסות שוב והפעם לרשת המתאימה. And also perform a manual network search (usually under the Select Network header) and select the appropriate network according to name, (Automatic or Manual), Sometimes it will be necessary to try to connect to an unsuitable network and after the connection fails try again and this time to the appropriate network.

Also note that you are not connected to the 2G which is called GSM or GPRS or EDGE, and if you have a 4G netstick, it is recommended to connect to the 4G to use the speed optimally, but sometimes 3G browsing in certain places faster than browsing in 4G.

Slow cellular surfing

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