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How much does NetFree cost?

The price for regular connections is 15 NIS per month. The price for VPN connections is 20 or 30 NIS per month (depending on the server that is being used), See extended entry Payment to NetFree.

These prices do not include internet service, for that you should speak to your service provider. For a partial list see here

Wh do I get a message "your connection is not private"?

You need to install the NetFree Security certificate.

Why is it that after the the initial connection to NetFree, there are still some sites with inappropriate background images?

Sometimes the pictures are saved in the browser memory, and are displayed from there. For more information and how to fix this see Clearing Cache memory.

What are points?

This is the way that you pay for the support you receive. Each user receives 16 points per month at no additional charge. The points do not accumulate from month to month.

The points are used to prioritize the handling of the requests, 3 points are placed at the top of the line, followed by 2 points, followed by one point, followed by no-point requests. In addition, the following issues will not be dealt with, without points:

  • Changing personal filtering settings
  • Requesting a site / video review
  • Service of Goy of the Internet

Reporting a problem or inadvertently opening negative content, such as reporting technical problems, do not require points

For further details see here.