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Disconnecting from NetFree and stopping payment

Disconnect from your Internet Service Provider:

In order to disconnect, you must contact your Internet Service Provider who you used to connect to Netfree,

Notify them that you want to discontinue the service and unsubscribe.

A list of Internet Service Providers appears here.

Disconnection and termination of charges from NetFree:

To avoid incorrect charges in the future (in case your your Internet Service Provider uses your existing connection to another customer).

It is the customers responsibility to disconnect/erase the connections associated with his account[1] at the following link:


Removing WiFree blocking software:

If the software is installed, contact Netfree via NetFree's Support System in order to remove the software.

The removal involves a cost of 100 Shekel. The payment and the removal are carried out by remote control during a telephone call.

Otherwise, you won't be able to browse on an internet connection not filtered by Netfree.

Disconnection process for VPN or Hadran clients:

Instructions here

  1. For an account that is Associated to a Kehilla, ask the Kehilla supervisor to disconnect the connection.