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NetFree is a technological non-profit enterprise that offers high-quality filtering from the dangers of the internet, while maintaining proper and effective internet capabilities, through updated hi-tech systems.

The system's primary function is at the ISP level (meaning not on the computer being used, but rather on the system of the company supplying you the internet service), which filters the substance of the internet even before it reaches the user.

The system is suitable for every internet supplier, in Israel and abroad, provided that the supplier fully supports NetFree, see the Requirements for Internet provider who wants to provide NetFree.

If no internet suppliers are supporting NetFree in your area, it is still possible to use NetFree with NetFree VPN.

The system is built by combining the following unique technologies:

  • Complete closure of sites that contain improper content- each site goes through a thorough examination before it is approved to be opened. A site that has not yet been checked can easily be sent in for checking through the support system.
  • Smart auto text filtering- there is a sophisticated robot that automatically detects if there is negative text on the page, and if there is, it censors and blocks that entire sentence. If there is a large amount of negative content on the page, that entire page is blocked.
  • Human photo filtering- NetFree employs non-Jewish workers who check the pictures in real-time, 24 hours a day. (Pictures that have already been checked are not sent back for rechecking).
  • Video filtering- when a video is sent to be checked through the ticket system, it is divided into many pictures through a unique technology, and then these pictures are sent to the picture-checkers. If the pictures return positive from the checking, the video is checked and then opened.
  • Google search filtering- in addition to the text censoring robot, there is another filter on the Google search, sites that have been checked and closed, or sites that are closed from the robot, do not show up at all on the results of the search. Sites that were closed for that specific user, or sites that have yet to be checked show up with a special icon on the side.
  • PDF files filtering- for each PDF file the first time that it is opened, the pictures inside the file are sent for checking (like a regular site), and the next time it is opened, only the approved pictures will show up.
  • Quick help panel- throughout the browsing, a small tongue of NetFree is popping out of the side, in which you can report any mistake in filtering the pictures or the words, without the hassle of opening up a ticket.

And more...

The system is constantly being developed, both regarding existing features and also through creating new features. If you have an idea, innovation, or suggestion you can tell us here.

Personal profile

At NetFree you can change the filtering to fit your needs on the user interface, which has many innovative features. They allow you to set your profile, including closing sites according to a list or category. Also opening and closing of profiles according to hours, and days of the week. Read more about personal profiles in "Personal Filter Settings"

personal profile settings for your account

Rabbinical supervision

NetFree is closely supervised by the Va'adas Harabonim L'bitzor Chomos Hadas. Also, the Va'adim of many Kehilos knows NetFree very well and recommends it as the best filter for those who need internet. For info from the hotline of Va'adas Harabonim L'bitzor Chomos Hadas call (Israel only): 1599-550-330.

Read more about "Kehilla Supervision"

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How to join NetFree

Click here to download Hebrew Prospect, here for a Brochure in Yiddish, or here for an English version, or send an Email to and you will receive a return email with this file.