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The policies written here are just the general policy, it is possible that in certain circumstances NetFree may differ from the general policy. There are also rules that are not written here.

Some decisions are made in consultation with the supervisors of NetFree and they may not be consistent with the rules that appear here.

Sites that are closed on NetFree

  • A site designated to abomination.
  • A site designed for heresy.
  • A news site that is not entirely Charedi (Charedi = as is accepted by most of the ultra-Orthodox public)
  • A site with mixed content that was developed in a way that it is not possible to filter out its bad content. (As of yet)
  • Entertainment site (movies / computer games / etc).

Additional rules

  • In any case, where a site is opened that may contain inappropriate images, the images are set to undergo human filtering.
  • Filtering changes occur frequently and quickly and the public cannot be updated on all changes, so filtering surprises are expected.

Requirements for Internet provider who wants to provide NetFree

Policy of opening channels in YouTube