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Filter price[1]

The NetFree filter service costs ₪15 (NIS) per month for each individual connection, (the price differs when connecting via NetFree's VPN users rather than pre-filtered internet and is either ₪20 or ₪30 (NIS) for [depending to which VPN location you connect to][2].

Joining NetFree and using its services is with the agreement that there is prior forgiveness for any mistake made with the calculation. If you do find an Mistake in your account, it is your duty to notify NetFree so that it can be corrected. If you do not notify us within three months, this will be considered complete forgiveness.

Payment calculation

The monthly payment is calculated for each active internet connection associated with your account, a completely inactive connection will not be charged.

Payment is calculated by the civil calendar month (all times are calculated by the Universal Clock - UTC), regarding a connection that connected or disconnected (see below) in the middle of the month - payment is calculated proportionally by the number of days in that calendar month.

Definition of disconnected is that the connection was not used at all for at least 15 consecutive days during that month, disconnected and then re-connecting within 15 days is not considered disconnected and will be charged as consecutive use.

The system automatically detects a unused connection, however it is still recommended that you remove inactive connections from your account by clicking the Delete button next to the relevant connection [3] on the Billing information page, or click Dissociate connection next to the relevant connection on the Filter Settings page, (If your account is monitored by Kehilla Supervision, then this option will be locked and you will need to contact the Kehilla supervisor to request disconnection [4]). Inactive connection for a month automatically disconnects from account (besides for a NetFree VPN connection), If the account is monitored by Kehilla Supervision, the Kehilla supervisor is notified of the disconnection.

The days of browsing are calculated automatically, you can see the browsing status of the connections associated to your account your NetFree account on the Billing information page.

Any mistake with calculation less than 2 days will not be considered a mistake.

Payment Method

You can pay by credit card (preferred), or by bank transfer. (You can vote on the voting page for payment option development by bank direct debit).

The payment method set up in your account will apply to all connections associated to your account, the connections can be seen on the Billing information page. You can also pay for other connections, see below.

Credit Card

To set up a credit card for payment, you must log in to your dashboard on the 'Billing information page and click on Click here to set up direct debit on a credit card, For security purposes, you will be asked to verify your phone number, then enter your card details and confirm.

You can delete the card at any time or switch to another card on the Billing information page.

Bank transfer payment

If you do not have credit card direct debit option, you can also pay by bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer is only accepted in advance with a minimum of ILS 90, transfers below the above amount will not be calculated.

A transfer (of any amount over ILS 90) must be made to a 'NetFree (R.A.)', Bank Pagi (52), Branch 180, Account Number 831093.

If necessary, you can download a payment requirement by clicking הורד דרישה לתשלום on the Billing information page.

After the transfer is made, it is mandatory to notify NetFree of the exact transfer details in order to be able to match the transfer to your NetFree account, (please note! No refund will be given, even if the transfer was made in error). Enter your dashboard area on the Billing information page, and click on the line Click here for details about bank transfer payment then click on Report the transfer, fill in the required details, and click Ok

Please pay attention! You must report the transfer from the account you want to credit.

Pay for another account

You can pay for another user by adding connections to be billed from your account (although the browsing settings are not linked to your account). Click on Pay for a different user or go to [1], enter the connection ID that you want to pay for, and click Add, for security you will be asked to enter your password for your dashboard area.

Any connection you add to your account will appear on this page under חיבורים שנוספו לחשבון שלך לצורך חיוב,and you can delete any connection at any time. You are solely responsible for deleting the connection if you no longer wish to pay for it. Please note that you are not mistaken, no charges will be returned in case of error.

On this page, you can also add another account balance to your account, by entering the desired account's phone number in the designated box, and clicking העבר,for security purposes you will be asked to enter your password of your dashboard area.

Details of payments

You can see the details of all your payments and calculations on the פירוט תשלומים page in your dashboard area.

You can also see your current account balance on this page. Balance of debt, if any, or balance of credit if you paid by bank transfer.

In addition, you can download a NetFree's receipt from this page for the payments already made, (the receipts are also mailed each month, to the updated address on the Personal details page in your dashboard area).

  1. This page is in regard to payment to NetFree only, for payment to the internet providers (in the case that you get pre-filtered internet), see this separate tutorial
  2. These price are the standard. For special incentivized discounted plans see NetFree special plans.
  3. If you have several connections associated with the account, you can identify the id of the account, according to the latest activity listed on the Billing information page. You can also nickname them for identification.
  4. If there are several connections associated with the account, please note the connection ID that you wish to disconnect.