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NetFree's VPN service is only available to those who can not browse through the usual way - an Internet provider that provides filtered NetFree Internet
For a list of suppliers See the page Suppliers and prices

What is the NetFree VPN

The NetFree VPN is a service brought to you by NetFree which allows you to connect to NetFree through any network (besides filtered or limited networks). This is especially necessary in areas where an internet service provider which supports NetFree is not yet available. The NetFree VPN has several VPN configurations configured to allow a stable connection to NetFree.

How to connect to the NetFree VPN

There are a number of ways to connect to the VPN:

  1. NetFree AnyWhere
  2. VPN Phonebook
  3. VPN setup options on computer

NetFree's VPN servers are currently available in Israel, Argentina, USA and UK. It is recommended to select the server closest to where you are. Connecting to servers in the United States and the United Kingdom requires a different username and password

In connection via NetFree AnyWhere software you can set the program to automatic selection for the fastest server.

How to get a NetFree VPN account

In order to get a VPN account, send a request to the NetFree's Support System with your name Email address and phone number, and the reason for your request, and you will receive a username and password.

The user name will be your phone number and the password is chosen randomly.

Similar to the policy of NetFree with the Security certificate for every supplier, also a VPN has its own certificate and you need to install it. (When installing the certificate via dedicated software or when downloading the certificate from normal link, you must note that the VPN it is activated and connected).


The price of a VPN connection is 20 NIS per month for servers in Israel and Argentina, and NIS 30 per month for servers in the UK and the USA (the price includes NetFree's payment for the filtering service).


You can not connect with the same connection identifier at the same time in two places, in older versions of the NetFree AnyWhere software, this may cause connection problems on both connections. In the updated version, if connected in this additional location, it will automatically disconnect the connection in the first place

If there are issues with the connection please see the VPN troubleshooting page.

If you do not find a solution to you problem, you can contact NetFree's Support System.