Installation of certificate in npm

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Preferred option

Installation of certificate in all Node products

Second option

In windows install the security certificate software, and then run this command:

npm config -g set cafile %programdata%\netfree\ca\netfree-ca-bundle-curl.crt

In other operating systems download the file from here, extract its contents, save in a fixed location, and Write the command in a way that you point to the file.

In linux, if you installed the certificate according to the instructions here write this command:

npm config -g set cafile /usr/lib/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

To uninstall the certificate run this command.
npm config -g delete cafile 

Third option

You can disable the need for Security certificate, by setting npm to use with the http protocol.

Run the following command:

npm config set registry 

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