Installation of certificate in GIT

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Download the certificate of your Provider of NetFree from here. Save it on the computer.

Then run the next command, of course you must put the correct address of the certificate in this place netfree-ca.crt

 git config --global http.sslCAInfo netfree-ca.crt

It should now work.

To uninstall the certificate run this command.

 git config --global --unset http.sslVerify

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Another option is to set the SLL off, eliminating the need for a security certificate (a less recommended option).

To do this, run the following command::

 git config --global http.sslVerify "false"


When working with SourceTree software (GIT Graphic Client, link), You can also specify in the settings not to use ssl - then there is no need to install the certificate,

The check will be done when entering the menu Tools > Options > Git Select Disable SSL certificate validation.

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