Installation of certificate in Android

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Please note! NetFree does not officially support Android devices, for help and advice you can try our forum

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Installation of certificate in old Android versions

There are several options to install the security certificate:

1. In the browser (when connected to NetFree) go to this link

After entering the link, the Certificate Installation window pops up, follow the instructions below in option 2, Step 5.

2. If "Can not install because the certificate file was not found" or "Can not find app to open application"

  1. Download the certificare (when connected to NetFree) from here via the device's browser, or download the file to the computer [1] and copy to the device (in case there is no browser app on the device).
  2. Open the Settings app אייקון אפליקציית הגדרות on your device.
  3. In the Settings menu click on "Security & location" > "Credential storage"> "Install from storage/Install from sd card" (please note! The exact setting name varies from device to device, so you can use the search box)
  4. Go to the folder where the downloaded certificate is located in Step 1 > Click on the downloaded file (default certificate name is netfree-ca.crt).
  5. In the panel that opens, give a name to confirm (any possible name) and choose the option VPN and apps
  6. Click on "OK".
  7. If you have not already set up an access code, pattern, or password on your device, you'll be prompted to do so.
  8. Repeat these steps and in step 5 select Wi-Fi.

From Android 7.0 or higher

By default, apps do not work with CA certificates added by the user.(Source) Detailed

Solution: Install security certificate with Root authorization Root authorization In the "System" section system/etc/security/cacerts/. expansion

Problems and solutions

In different versions of Android sometimes at the point of installing the security certificate, a message pops up asking for "Enter the password for credential storage".

Try entering the device PIN code. If the PIN code is not accepted or the PIN code has not been set, follow these steps:

Go to > Security & location (or Security) > "Clear credentials".

Then go to Settings > Screen Lock (sometimes, lock screen settings appear on different devices in other places, If they are not in the general settings, try searching under Security or Display). Set a pattern lock (It may appear as line). When setting up the pattern, you will be asked to set a PIN code for recovery, set a PIN code it is important to remember it.

Restart the device.

When the device has finished restarting, you will be asked to insert the pattern to open the device, enter a wrong pattern 5 times and then enter using the recovery PIN you set up in Step 2 (click "Forgot pattern").

after you signing in to the device, go to Settings > More Networks > VPN, a window will pop up that will require a PIN code, enter a different PIN code than previously defined.

Now you can install the security certificate.

External links
  1. Make sure that the computer is connected to the same NetFree ISP to which you want to connect the device.