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To create your own personal track that includes only mail and chat Click Here

If you have "a plan with surfing" and chat is blocked to you , please follow the blocking page on this link, as below:

  • If the message is "Oopss.. This website is closed by the settings of the Kehilla you are part of. " You can send a requist to the Kehilla from the site's blocking page. And they will decide whether to open the chat in your account. You can specify in a message to the Kehilla that if they approve the opening it is recommended that they open the "Google chat" tag.
  • If the message is "Oopss.. This page is closed in accordance with the address list in your account settings" you can open the "Google chat" tag in your personal filtering setting here, After adding the tag, the changes must be saved by clicking the 'Save' button at the top of the page.‏
If your filtering settings are locked by the Kehilla , you can contact the Kehilla and ask them to open the "Google chat" tag in your account. Contact information of your Kehilla is listed on the filter settings page.
If you are under Kehilla supervision "נטפרי אישי/נטפרי אישי מינימלי/ועדת הרבנים לביצור חומת הדת" You can contact NetFree through NetFree's Support System.

If you do not have personal / strict Kehilla filtering settings and chat is still blocked, try deleting caches, this may also be due to a slow internet connection.