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When downloading an image from the site, if an image with "כעת התמונה נשלחה לנטפרי לבדיקה" is replaced by the original image. The solution is to download the image again after which has been long enough for the image to return from inspection. From a different browser, or from an incognito window . [1]

  1. You can activate the Incognito window by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Shift+N‏.

Extended explanation

When you download an image from the site the image that comes down comes from another source than the image that is previewed on the site. So even if the image on the site has already returned from testing still when the image is downloaded for the first time it is sent for testing and since the image is immediately downloaded to the computer, you get downloaded the replacement image from NetFree's server with "כעת התמונה נשלחה לנטפרי לבדיקה". Due to the way the site works, despite all our efforts we have not yet found a way to link the image of the download to the image in the preview.

Once an image is downloaded from the site even once it is sent for testing in a download format, if it has been approved as clean by the image examiner, every time it is downloaded from the site it will be downloaded properly again as the system will recognize that it is an approved image. Although there is a new problem called cache which means that the browser always checks against the server is the resource (image in our case) that it requesting has been changed on the site since the previous request and if the browser returns code 304 which means that no browser change will be made, you get the resource from his inner memory when it means to us that it will bring you again the image of the sender for testing instead of the original image. When you download it a second time in an incognito window or other browser it has no shared memory of the first browser so it downloads the original image (which has been opened for now) from the site.

Alternatively you can Clear the Cache memory.