Disadvantages and limitations when using NetFree

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This page will discuss most limitations that exist in NetFree.

A list of services is not supported partially or fully

See detailed information here

Restrictions on sharing files publicly

NetFree's reason:

  • Publicly shared files may contain negative content, which may possibly get to the users. also, since the link stays around, chances are that it will be publicized.


Video clips are closed even on open sites

Netfree has the option to request that a video be opened only if it is a video stored on YouTube or Vimeo and on the Hidabroot site, and you can not request to open a video from anywhere else, except sites where all the videos are clean and can be opened in a comprehensive manner. See extended entry.

Word files and other files are also blocked on sites approved by the system

In NetFree every file needs to be checked individually before opening it, except on sites where all the files are held as clean and can be opened in a comprehensive way.

Difficulty shopping online, or using sites with a lot of pictures

There are times when there is a lot of traffic in the picture checking,and it is therefore hard to shop online, because the pictures take a few minutes until they are checked.

NetFree's reason:

  • At times of high picture traffic, sometimes the pictures get checked only after a few minutes, meaning you will have to wait a few minutes to view the pictures.


  • You can wait a few minutes until the pictures are checked. It is suggested to scroll down to all the pictures that you need even before you start so that they are all sent to be checked. Or if possible you can wait for lower traffic times to go shopping.

Sending a fax using a sip phone line

Because of the filtering, there are often problems with sending faxes through the telephone line, there is no solution to this problem.


You can also try the solutions that appear here: http://forum.netfree.link/post/66575

It is also possible that a connection without NAT (fixed and private IP address) will work properly.