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Slowness, Disconnections

See extended entry Slowness and disconnections.

A site that suddenly does not work properly

Description: The site does not open at all or does not open properly and there are no blockage page of NetFree.

Solutions: Check whether the site works well through another browser or through Chrome's "incognito window.". if it does work clear the 'cache' memory in the browser. If it does not help, check if the site is active through this site. https://check-host.net/check-http, also try to Canceling Proxy Settings if these settings are available.

Unable to send email through software for RL client

Description: The software is trying to send email via SMTP and it encounters a TIMEOUT error. It happens to doubt that RL is blocking sending emails.

Solution: Contact RL to fix the issue.

DNS errors

Description: The dns server is not configured properly on the computer or router.

Solution: Change on the PC the DNS server to the Google public DNS server -, Attached is a file that executes the operation and deletes the DNS cache

Click here to download the file,pay attention! The file should be downloaded in Explorer and not in Chrome.

Or, run directly in the command line in Administrator mode the following command:

wmic nicconfig where (IPEnabled=TRUE) call SetDNSServerSearchOrder("", "") & ipconfig /flushdns

You can set up manually using these instructions

If the error persists, change the DNS server to the router, or contact your supplier.

A CAPTCHA image does not come back from the test

Description: There are various sites that, in order to ensure that the answer is not generated by a computer, they use a captcha image that includes letters or numbers that appear distorted on the screen and the user has to identify them and type them. These images usually change with each refresh of the images on the page, so if the image is set to be sent to the test, then it will always appear fuzzy due to the image refresh mechanism.

Solution: You must send a ticket via NetFree's Support System with the link of the variable image. It is better also to send the address of the page itself.

FileZilla can not connect to FTP

Description: The software is writen in a way that it tries to connect to TLS. And it encountered an error.

Solution: Configure the FTP connection to be a simple connection without security, as shown on this screenshot. If this does not work, record traffic and send for support.

Visual Studio failed to publish to ftp

Description: This is a problem when network works with NAT.

Solution: Set FTP to work in passive mode. source

GIT does not connect

Description: GIT requires a connection using a security certificate.

Solution: Set the security certificate specifically for GIT, instructionshere.

Package managers (npm, pip, bower) do not connect to the network

Description: Package managers require a connection using a security certificate.

Solution: The security certificate must be set specifically for each package manager separately, instructions here.

ESET Antivirus warns of unreliable certificates

Description: When you sign in to secure sites, a message pops up that the site is not trusted.

Solution: You must add the security certificate to antivirus, or cancel the certificate checking, Detailed instructions are here.

Installation of Autodesk software is stalled

Description: When you try to install the software, installation takes a lot of time trying to download the software. The problem is that the installer does not trust NetFree's Security certificate.

Solution: Software must be downloaded through one of the following sites:



Problems connecting to SIP via the Zoiper software

Description: The software tries to connect to the SIP server via a port which is not 5060 and therefore it is blocked.

Solution: Set the domain of the SIP server with a port for example domain.com:5060

Download airline tickets from WizzAir

Please download in html format.

Skype does not work properly

The desktop version should be used, You can download the software from here,

Please note! To install the software on Windows 10, it must be installed in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Inappropriate user images are displayed on Skype

Description: This usually happens to someone who goes from another web to NetFree, aAnd user photos were saved on his computer, and he wants it to be filtered.

Solution: Close Skype. And change the name of this folder C:\Users\@user\AppData\Roaming\Skype To another name when @user is your Windows user name, And turn on Skype again, you will need to reconnect with a username and password, then the pictures will be filtered.

Downloads from the freepik.com site are blocked due to lot of downloads with shared IP

You must create a user account on their website and download via your account.

Connecting to remote cameras is blocked after a while and needs to be reopened frequently

The reason is because remote cameras do not have a fixed IP and every time the Ip changes, NatFree needs to open the new IP. The solution is to set up the network of the remote cameras with a fixed Ip.

The connection has been disconnected from the NetFree account

It may be for the following reasons:

1) The connection was disconnected by human action on the page of filter-settings] (Or by a community manager) Intentionally or accidentally, it can be reconnected like a new connection.

2) Connection was inactive for a month, connections are automatically disconnected from the account if not used for a month (except VPN connections), in this case it can also be reconnected.

3) When there is a minus in your account and no payment method is specified within 15 days, the connection is disconnected from the account, and can not be reconnected to the account until after a payment method has been updated.

Dealing with closures

If you encounter an error that is not listed here, you should contactNetFree's Support System Using this guide Dealing with closures.

In addition you can ask questions in NetFree's English users Forum or in [the Hebrew Forum].

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