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In order to filter the text on the internet, there is a sophisticated robot that automatically detects if there is negative text on the page, and if any is found it censors out the bad sentences. In a case where there is a large amount of negative text on the page, the entire page is blocked. In any case where you believe a page or site has been blocked in error, you can copy the details of that block and send it in via the support system.

אופסס.. הרובוט האוטומטי שלנו מצא פה דברים לא טובים.

Reporting Mistakes

If you encounter inappropriate content, just go to the NetFree panel and click on Report problematic content. In the box that opens, explain where and what is the problematic content, click Report, and it will immediately be sent as a request with 5 points, (the points will not be deducted from your account). Requests of this kind are treated as a first priority.

Note: This option appears in the panel only when there is a NetFree account connected to the browser.

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